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We're here to guide you and take the stress out of income tax compliance.

"I just LOVE tax season!"

said no one ever.

Filing Season News: The IRS has its quirks and can be scary. As the 2023 filing season starts, tax returns from last winter remain unprocessed. That's right; some taxpayers who e-filed last February have yet to receive their refund. Your money could be blocked because the IRS wants more information. Let us research this for you.

The IRS will manually process over 80 million returns this winter. In 2023, it hopes to offer new online services. If you need help when dealing with the IRS, contact us. If you did not receive your special year-end 2022 MA DOR refund, ask us to look into that. Whatever the issue, we can handle it.

This year the federal and state filing deadline is Tuesday, April 18, 2023 for MA filers.

Remember that emailing personal identifying information is a data security risk, as is storing tax documents on your phone. Ask us about secured file-sharing portals.

Our offices are open to fully vaccinated taxpayers. We are fully vaccinated. Tax documents still can be left downstairs in the mailbox, faxed, or placed on Google drives, Dropbox, or our secure file portal. Please call or email for details. Note that our office phone is a landline and does not accept text messages or Iphone pictures.

We spent the summer and fall studying changes that removed the special 2021 tax provisions, eliminated expiring COVID legislation, and introduced new 2022 laws. This filing season should be smoother than the most recent previous years. We are psyched and ready. Are you up for it?

Enrolled Agents at Medford Tax Experts are here to help you.

Income Tax News

  • Tax Reform from 2018 still has an impact on your 2022 return. Changes to address the pandemic and changes to assist working families have expired. This means that 2022 filings are dissimilar to 2020 and 2021 returns. We all should proceed with caution.
  • The IRS has a tax filing security program. Check out for more information.
  • Use the IRS Tax Withholding Calculator to verify that your paycheck has the correct amount of taxes withheld.
  • The IRS does not call your IPhone or home. The IRS does not send out emails. Check out the US Treasury website or call us, if you suspect something. Report these criminals to the IRS if you get a bogus email. They will get caught!
  • File for Free. The IRS negotiated free filing offers with tax software companies. State filing, in some cases, is also free! You should be allowed to prepare your own return.
  • If you choose to hire someone to prepare your tax return, be choosey. IRS advice to find professional tax help.
  • The state sent out special refund checks at the end of 2022. If you did not receive the special refund, contact the hot line at 877-677-9727 or ask us to look into it.
  • A tax extension is extra time to file paperwork. It is not extra time to pay your tax. Your tax payments are due by April 19th, 2023. If you need to make a payment arrangement with the government, contact us
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Tax Preparation: Our clientele consists of honest people who want to do the right thing; file a timely and accurate tax return.

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What's an EA?

EA's or Enrolled agents are licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers.

As America's Tax Experts, EA's lead tax seminars to train other tax professionals.

The Medford Tax Experts, Inc.

Tax Problems

It takes years of experience and study to be a success. Here, Shin Lim & Colin Cloud agree that there is no magic to make tax problems disappear. Just a lot of study and practice to be the best.

John Warren is part of a national initiative on tax collection processes to help taxpayers.

Performing CPR on Tax Issues

Let an Enrolled Agent resuscitate hope for your good standing with tax compliance.



Our tax preparers provide answers that make sense. Let us help you plan.



Good records result in less taxes. A tax expert will help you file an accurate return.



Tax filings are reviewed by the IRS & DOR. We prepare protests, appeals, and responses to collections, exams, liens, and levies.

Free File: Do Your Taxes for Free

Follow this link to the IRS website for more information about the software free filing allowance.

Some people want to file their own taxes and should be allowed to do so. If you want The Medford Tax Experts, Inc. to take the hassle off your shoulders of filing, call us for an appointment, (781) 219-4206.