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The Medford Tax Experts, Inc.

The Company At a Glance

The Medford Tax Experts enjoy doing what most people don't.

  • We file tax returns and solve tax problems
  • We help individuals and businesses to comply with the maze of tax regulations.
  • We assist civic and social associations in maintaining their good standing and non-profit status.
  • We are available all year round
  • We have fun doing our work!

Medford Tax Experts

Here at Medford Tax Experts, we are dedicated to you and all your tax compliance needs.

We have over 40 years of tax experience in Medford. Our tax experts are enrolled agents, members of the National Association of Tax Professionals, conduct tax training presentations, publish tax articles, blog on the Patch, and speak at trade shows.

Have Dinner on Us!

Other businesses cannot make the claims that The Medford Tax Experts, Inc. can. If you know of someone seeking local trusted tax professionals, please refer them to The Medford Tax Experts, Inc.

When you refer someone to The Medford Tax Experts, Inc., we enter your name into drawings for a free dinner at the Bistro 5.

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Let us make tax compliance easy for you!

  • Experienced tax professionals
  • Year-round tax specialists
  • No-obligation discussions about your tax requirements
  • Examination and Audit Assistance
  • Consultation about retirement and company benefit plans
  • Allowed to represent taxpayers and businesses before the IRS

Simple pricing that includes

  • Federal return
  • State return
  • Tax Estimates for next year
  • All E-filing costs
  • Your tax shopping list for next year

Why is The Medford Tax Experts Special

We are on board with community non-profits

Talk to the Medford Tax Experts about what your volunteer civic, youth, or religious volunteer groups need to incorporate, satisfy employment laws, and file with the state to remain in good standing.

Whether a Tax Payer or a Tax Professional,
The Office of The Medford Tax Experts, Inc. is Your Destination.

Tax Payers on the Right Track

Would you go to your primary care doctor for a major lung or back problem? Would you go to that lung specialist for the back pain? The Medford Tax Experts, Inc. is your one-stop to find the right tax professional.

We participate in national tax and accounting organizations. We are the leader of the area tax practitioner round table. We have the contacts to make the correct referrals.

Tax Professionals on the Right Track

Very qualified and talented tax professionals are the Medford Tax Experts. Akan Harbiyeci is a tax accountant with degrees in engineering, finance, and accounting.

John Warren is a National Tax Practice Institute fellow and an enrolled agent, possessing the highest federal tax credential from the US Treasury, They share efficiencies with each and together have built a nationwide network within the tax professional community.

If you are looking for a place to expand your tax business, you should have a conversation with these two tax specialists.

Whether a taxpayer or a tax professional, The Medford Tax Experts, Inc. is the place for you.

The Medford Tax Experts, Inc. are available for speaking engagements, presentations, educational instruction, and meeting with you for any tax discussion. Contact us to satisfy your needs.